Of all of Portland’s colorful characters, none are as easily recognized as The Unipiper. With his fire-breathing bagpipes, Darth Vader mask, and unicycle, The Unipiper has earned his place as the city’s unofficial ambassador of weird. Sightings of The Unipiper are legendary and have been reported world-wide from Denmark to Scotland for nearly a decade, earning him a cult-like following in the process. Viral videos with millions of views have made The Unipiper a true internet celebrity. His image has graced the likes of every site from CNN to BuzzFeed to the front page of Reddit. Youtube commenter kjun13 calls The Unipiper "the most internet-y thing on the internet." Recent appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, America’s Got Talent, and The Bachelor have brought The Unipiper to an even larger audience. When asked about what keeps him going, The Unipiper says “Keeping Portland Weird can’t be done alone, but as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. If not me, then who?”