Of all of Portland’s colorful characters, none are as easily recognized as Brian Kidd, aka The Unipiper. With his fire-breathing bagpipes, colorful costumes, and unicycle, reports of Unipiper sightings stretch back to 2007. Ever since, he has roamed the streets of Portland, protecting its citizens from all that is normal and standing up to those that would seek to silence the weird. The Unipiper has earned his place as the city’s unofficial ambassador of weird, having represented the Rose City in a variety of foreign lands from Scotland to Japan. Named Portland’s ‘Best Local Celebrity’ by Willamette Week for 6 years, the Unipiper solidified his position as a true Portland legend with appearances on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, ‘America’s Got Talent’, and ‘The Gong Show’, among others. When asked about the enduring appeal of The Unipiper, Kidd says, "don’t think too hard about it. If you don’t understand The Unipiper there’s a lot you probably won’t understand about Portland. Keeping Portland Weird isn’t a one-person job, but as they say, with great volume comes great responsibility.” In addition to his duties as a real-life PDX superhero, Brian also co-hosts the podcast ‘Portland at the Movies’ and serves as president of Weird Portland United, the only nonprofit dedicated to, what else, Keeping Portland Weird.